The Eggs

eggsAll of the eggs produced at Woodpecker Farm are Soil Association Organic Standard. (What is SAOS) They are sold through Whitstable and Wye Farmers' Markets and are laid by the two main breeds of chickens we have here now – Columbian Blacktails and a small number of White Leghorns.

A young bird will start laying at around 20-24 weeks old and the first eggs they lay will be small. As the birds mature, the eggs become larger and the famous extra large ‘double-yolkers’ are laid by some of the more mature girls!

The girls are fed a 100% organic feed. These feeds do not contain yolk colorants, and so the colour of the yolk can vary throughout the seasons depending on what the chickens are foraging for out in the fields.

Egg Price (per half dozen)

    • Medium £1.80
    • Large £2.00
    • Jumbo £2.20
    • Giant £2.50