It has been Dick's dream for many years to breed, own and train his own racehorse. So in 2008 our thoroughbred mare Belle Largesse went off to stud. On the 31st May 2009 she had a gorgeous healthy filly, by Passing Glance, and we named her Indy. She went away to Christie Skippen's place at Elham (All Things Equine) in mid July of summer 2012, and changed over six weeks from being a cheeky, if slightly naughty 3 year old, to a well behaved young horse beautifully started on her ridden career.

In the UK under National Hunt rules you can apply for a permit to train and with this you can train and run a horse you own in National Hunt races. This means having just left school as a teacher, Dick has to go back to school as a pupil to get this and is already registered with British Racing School at Newmarket! 

Dick wants to see if he can train his racehorse a more natural way – Indy has never been fed any cereals (except the mouthful of chicken feed she stole from the tractor one day!) and she has been fed entirely on Simple System Horse Feeds, a purely fibre based diet that horses are naturally designed for.  
Conventionally, she would probably have been backed and racing as a 2 year old but we have given her time to grow up and, unlike most racehorses when they are in training, she will not be kept stabled all the time, so we will see what happens………