The Farmhouse

Dick’s dream has been to build his own farmhouse at Woodpecker Farm.

The FarmhouseIn 2001 Claire and Dick gained temporary planning permission for a small dwelling or ‘shack’ which they built themselves but is now bursting at the seams with their ever growing animal family.

In 2006 they were given the go ahead to build the main farmhouse, which should look 200 years old on the outside but on the inside is super insulated and is built to German Passivhaus standards.

There is simply not enough time in the day to build a house, teach full time and train your own racehorse, so Dick quit his teaching job in the summer of 2012 in order to concentrate on his dreams! At the time of updating this (September 2018), the racehorse took priority for a few years and so 'move in' had been set back several years to Christmas 2018! 

Well, it's now October 2019, and we're still not in, but it's getting closer .....

The Farmhouse